I aim to continually provide exceptional services to my clients, adding significant value to their lives; whether it be financial, emotional or spiritual. Further, it is my duty to give back to the community, raising awareness for the importance of education, youth development and diverse communities.


Being a Civil Engineering graduate, and accumulating over fifteen years of sales experience , I have developed exceptional customer service skills and unique negotiating strategies that have helped hundreds of families buy and sell homes through the past twenty-five years. My experience working with different organizations and the people within them, gives me the knowledge and expertise to work successfully with clients from varied backgrounds. I am always motivated to provide the best service possible, and I truly appreciate every opportunity to meet and work with new clients. I have the ability to conceptualize space from a simple floor plan or a set of measurements. This proves to be one of my many unique strengths. This conceptualization enables me to understand the type and style of house you are looking for, and ensures that I only show you only the right properties that suit you and meet your demands. I also have a natural talent for interior design that helps me keep abreast with latest trends and designs. I will utilize this knowledge to help you prepare your home for showings or help you design your next purchase. This will eventually help you get the maximum dollars for your home by enhancing the perceived value of your home.