Tea Haxhillari

Sales Representative

Tea’s passion for real estate came at a young age, watching her father build homes and her mother be a successful broker. Having a business background, Tea completed her Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's University and went on to finish her master's degree in management from Ivey Business School. While completing her master's degree, she also was part of the CEMS (Coalition of European Management Schools) doing two semesters in St Gallen (Switzerland) and London School of Economics (England), where she enrolled in classes such as negotiations, finance, and financial statement analysis. This has aided her in being competitive, strategic and winning bids in multiple offer presentations with clients, as well as thoroughly understanding financing. It has also allowed her to utilize those analytical skills, to aid our clients in preparing accurate valuations when purchasing properties and pricing correctly when selling homes. Subsequently, this has aided her skills in making marketing and promotional campaigns that have developed the reach and engagement of our listings over social media, and magazines. Lastly, she has lived in Singapore and India, alongside England, Switzerland, Albania, and Canada giving her international exposure and the ability to connect with and value people of different cultures.